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Side effects of watching horror films

I’m a movie buff. I watched a horror movie last night and fell asleep on the floor. At midnight, I noticed a person walking in the direction of me and that I ought to listen to the anklet sound coming from that individual.

I was terrified and tried to shut my eyes tightly, but, I failed to forestall. As that person approached me, I grabbed that person’s leg and shouted out my lungs and I could hear the other person was shouting out loud as well.

My dad turned on the light instantly, and that person was my sister as she checked, who was lying on the floor. My neighbors knocked on  our doors to check if something was wrong. I and my sister giggled later for about an hour. – Abhilash


Not a joke ?

Once I was carrying a heavy bag on my shoulder to the class. My buddy stopped me and asked, ” Why the bag is heavy?” I replied, “There is a big cat in my bag,” in a funny way. He didn’t consider me, So I attempted to fool him so I opened my bag zip to frighten him that I am sincerely carrying a cat in my bag. As quickly as I opened my bag, a cat from my bag angrily jumped into my face. Thank God !!! my mom woke me up. – Sunny

weird dream

I was on my flight to my favorite destination VENICE. I was sitting at the window, I could see sunrise on the front side and dark on the rear end. Then I offered my prayers to sun god asking to send a fairy to solve all my concerns at the fingertips. Unexpectedly I heard a voice from the person seated beside me shouting “Why the hell do you always call me”? and my mom woke me up because I was running late to my office. – Sirisha

Being tardy

I dreamed of being late to my college earlier today and my professor did not allow me to attend the class and regretted being late. I woke up all of the sudden and saw my brother packing his bag and my mother was making sandwiches for us and it was half past 7. I shrieked at my mom that she didn’t wake me up on time that I was running late to my college again. My mother and brother looked puzzled at me. I was screaming at them all the time, and they started laughing hard. Then I noticed it was 7’O’clock, which happens to be dusk. – Chandhini

After Effect

I woke up in a desert once in my dream. I don’t see any creature and not even a single drop of water. I was thirsty and began to walk in search of anything that might help me survive, but I just couldn’t find anything. I looked up in rage and abused God to abandon me in such a situation. Suddenly, I was hit by a massive tsunami as I drowned in water and felt so pleased. Now I can see god in front of me and I thanked him for instantly granting my wish. Later, He told me to follow him. I was confused and many questions wandered in my mind. Then I discovered that I died in a tsunami.


I performed an exorcism in my dream as soon as I realized I wasn’t an expert at that. I started running in search of exit doors to save my life, but I wasn’t able to locate any. The spirit endeavored to kill me. However, I discovered a stairway to the roof after a lengthy quest to find a way out. I kept running over to the rooftop once I saw them. The apparition that tailed me was scorched to be presented to the sun. – Arjun (Rajasthan)

Paper Avalanche

I always had this dream where I was preparing for my examination at dawn before my pre-final examinations and I subconsciously ripped the paper at the corner, rolled in and tossed into the small ball. Later, I sat down at the corner of my house and that tiny paper ball rolled down a slope like an avalanche. I just couldn’t seem to catch my breath as it rolled further towards me. I eventually woke up gasping for air. -Aruna

Ant Garrison

I had this dream, the police arrested me as accused and put me in their vehicle. There was a little crowd of people surrounding us. I was terrified and confused about being arrested and couldn’t remember what crime I have done. Yeah! slowly I remembered that I killed the whole ant garrison. I pity myself for leaving the clues for the police. -Dikshit


Hello, We are RB and SS! Welcome to our first blog post!

As we all dream and have fantasies which we want to reach and fulfill them. While we can fantasize for free and can go on forever nevertheless dreams have a cost. In fact, many of us maintain fantasy and dreams our entire lives without ever attempting to fulfill them. well, we decided that wouldn’t it be fun to have a blog where we can share our epic dreams and fantasies.

First, let us share a little about ourselves. We are two youngsters who recently got graduated from a reputed university. Just like other fellow mates we got placed in MNC firms and was extremely not glad about our work and got relieved within a few months. Since we are unemployed, our parents constantly remind us that we’re useless.

Well, I am looking forward to sharing all our dreams and fantasies with you in the future and we would love to know if you people would be interested in sharing yours.

But for now, you can leave a comment.