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Bracing Shot

Let yourself unwind and get lost in the garden of your mind“.

— Anonymous.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


Fantasy #2

Hello dreamers, Sorry for the late posts. We were quite busy with our academics. we gonna post regularly from now on. Here’s the new post. check it out and keeping supporting us.

I am female (20). I don’t know about rest of them but I’ll tell you about my fantasies.  I want to go on a world tour like everyone does but there’s more to it. I want to end my tour on the pinnacle of the valley from where I can see that its complete of greenery with birds humming sounds and want to spend  my daytime hours there and I want to shout  my lungs out and I want to cry aloud and also experience as if that is probably my last day. I want to do that all alone.

Color pop hair

I am female (19), I dreamt last night that I was at my school and in a break time, I sat beneath a Peepal tree. I could see that people were gazing at me oddly. At first, I didn’t really care but a couple of minutes later, I felt humiliating and went to the restroom. There I could see my hair is changing into diverse colours. I was stunned, then I rubbed my eyes and once more I saw within the reflect. Now, my hair was green in colour. I begun to cry sitting with in the restroom. I woke up suddenly and checked my hair colour. It was all fine and snickered at myself. That was truly an odd dream.

Dream within a dream

I am male(23) and I was in the back of a car, my friends were driving me through some village, and then all of a sudden they parked the car on the side of the street. I sat in the back waiting for them to return, the car suddenly started up and began speeding down the road. I sat in the back terrified until I said to myself ‘get me out of this stupid dream’ and woke up!

[Talking]! Kitchen appliances

I am Female(17), Last night I had a dream where all my kitchen appliances could live on and didn’t allow me to make the meals. They wanted me to take them and dump them in the ocean. I denied it and went to bed. But, then the kitchen appliances produced a loud noise, making my home a mess. Then, I started to run from them but they shaped themselves as a room divider and preventing me from elude.

Her Fantasy !

Hello Wishful thinkers,

I and my friends were planning a gathering since it’s been a while we gathered and had a great conversation. We all gathered at a restaurant and we are a bunch of 5 young ladies. We were truly having a great time talking with each other reminiscing our undergraduate days. One of my friends was complaining that she imagined something else and everything got turned upside down. Instantly the other one said, indeed I fantasized about strolling within the street at precisely midnight and once I reach the centre of the road I want to yell my lungs out and run away from there. I am anxious what on the off chance that people caught and I am behind bars for creating a public nuisance and she moreover said that stop complaining after you don’t set out to create things as you needed. But I kind of felt that was truly a weird fantasy and thought of sharing with you.

What do you think of her fantasy?

Encased in air pocket

I had this dream were I was encased in a straightforward air pocket like a thing. In this way, I gave coming a shot of it by loosening the inflatable and I all of a sudden heard a voice saying not to do as such. It was none other than my mother and she was additionally enveloped by the inflatable like thing.

I asked her the explanation behind what good reason we encased in this thing and she answered, If at all u unfasten it, you will be out of oxygen and she said , ” SEE ALL OTHERS ARE TOO WEARING THEM.”

People were encased in inflatable’s and I was shocked to see them and then I was stunned to see them and afterward I abruptly woke up and began checking the individuals around me. I was at my university library and I dreamt it during nap. – RB

space on fire

I was in my room resting on my bed completely secured with a cover. I was using my mobile and busy with listening to songs with a sensible quality headphones. Gradually I can feel the room temperature is increasing and additionally I have begun feeling a few scents of burn. I instantly expelled my cover and saw that all the curtains of my space are with fire. I attempted to halt them but I was helpless. I was gasping and gradually it got to be as well troublesome to breathe. I thought I would pass on there but I woke up breathing difficult and figured it out it was fair a dream and laughed at it.

– Harios.

What it’s like dating Earth !!

I once dreamed that Earth, and I was dating. He was so amazing to me and looked extremely incredible. We had a supper by shoreline side eatery and  all of a sudden moon showed up and started squabbling with earth that they dated for over a million years and how you would cheat me. I was sitting their perplexed and stunned then I woke up. – RB

Bear Grylls, Black lizards and nightmare

Last Night, I had a dream where Bear Grylls gifted me a bottle of black lizards with red eyes. Unknowingly, I opened it and was scared but then they unfold themselves all over my body. I was shouting my lungs out and Bear Grylls caught and ate them. Then I woke up.

I was scared to death  that I didn’t rest all night.

At rescue

I was on a bus and the person sitting diagonally to my situate had a pistol with him. I ceaselessly looked at him with doubts as to why he was carrying a pistol with him. He abruptly expelled the pistol and pointed to a woman sitting before him. I was scared and shouted uproariously and interceded to halt him from committing wrongdoing. But the man sitting adjacent to me snatched me and hurled me through the window. I stood up and attempted to catch the bus, but couldn’t do it.

I wish I has another dream to seek after this or to know whether the woman was saved. – SS