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Hello, We are RB and SS! Welcome to our first blog post!

As we all dream and have fantasies which we want to reach and fulfill them. While we can fantasize for free and can go on forever nevertheless dreams have a cost. In fact, many of us maintain fantasy and dreams our entire lives without ever attempting to fulfill them. well, we decided that wouldn’t it be fun to have a blog where we can share our epic dreams and fantasies.

First, let us share a little about ourselves. We are two youngsters who recently got graduated from a reputed university. Just like other fellow mates we got placed in MNC firms and was extremely not glad about our work and got relieved within a few months. Since we are unemployed, our parents constantly remind us that we’re useless.

Well, I am looking forward to sharing all our dreams and fantasies with you in the future and we would love to know if you people would be interested in sharing yours.

But for now, you can leave a comment.


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