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Her Fantasy !

Hello Wishful thinkers,

I and my friends were planning a gathering since it’s been a while we gathered and had a great conversation. We all gathered at a restaurant and we are a bunch of 5 young ladies. We were truly having a great time talking with each other reminiscing our undergraduate days. One of my friends was complaining that she imagined something else and everything got turned upside down. Instantly the other one said, indeed I fantasized about strolling within the street at precisely midnight and once I reach the centre of the road I want to yell my lungs out and run away from there. I am anxious what on the off chance that people caught and I am behind bars for creating a public nuisance and she moreover said that stop complaining after you don’t set out to create things as you needed. But I kind of felt that was truly a weird fantasy and thought of sharing with you.

What do you think of her fantasy?


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